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Call Tower Garage Doors for Industrial or Commercial Garage Doors in Melbourne or Perth


Tower Garage Doors is your source for any type of garage doors in Perth or Melbourne. We have been serving the Perth and Melbourne areas for almost twenty years.

Industrial Garage Doors in Perth

We offer standard-sized roller doors or roller shutters for industrial use. We can also provide custom industrial garage doors that we make in our Perth or Melbourne manufacturing facilities. We can make them to any required size and to provide whatever look or feel you are trying to portray. They can be very stylish with lots of glass or trim, or industrial-looking and robust to not only provide the desired security but also to provide the appearance of an impenetrable feel. Whether it’s a bank of doors for the delivery of supplies or goods, or for a specially designed loading dock, we can provide and install the industrial garage doors in Perth to fit your needs.

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Commercial Garage Doors in Perth and Melbourne

No matter what size or style commercial garage doors you need in Perth or Melbourne, contacting Tower Garage Doors is the only call you need to make. We can design a commercial garage door that doesn’t even look like a door. For instance, we can design and manufacture a door for an automobile dealer that just looks like the typical showroom window. However, when it comes time to move the cars around, you can open up that one wall for easy access.

If you need commercial garage doors in Melbourne for your transportation depot, you may need doors with specific characteristics. For instance, you may need windows at a specific height so that truck drivers seated in their vehicles can see inside before they bring their vehicle to a stop outside the door. This convenience would avoid vehicles having to be needlessly shuffled around to let other vehicles in and out.

To the contrary, you may want commercial garage doors with windows up high so opportunistic burglars can’t see whether the shop is occupied during off hours. We can design those windows with one-way glass, smoked glass, coloured glass or no glass!

Your garage door area may face a neighbourhood or sensitive area like a historic site, and to be a good neighbour or maybe as the result of some special zoning requirement, your commercial garage door in Melbourne might have to be a particular style or blend in with the surroundings. Whatever your specific needs, we can design and manufacture the commercial garage doors for you. Our experienced professional staff will also install the doors you choose and know all the intricacies of your project to ensure the installation provides minimal interruption of your business activities. They will then test every aspect of the operation of your commercial garage doors and make any adjustments necessary. They will not leave your business property until they are sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of your commercial garage doors.

Call Tower Garage Doors today, and allow us to quote you on custom garage doors for your business.