Look for Garage Door Motors in Melbourne to Add Convenience to your Home
October 30, 2018
Blog 11

It’s the middle of July, and you’re just getting home from a long day at work. The rain is falling in a typically unrelenting manner, with dark pendulous rainclouds in the sky informing you there will be no let-up in the weather, at least not until very late into the evening. At this moment in time, however, you don’t mind because you’re in your nice warm car that is keeping you safe from the elements. Sooner or later, however, you know you’re going to arrive home, and that means getting out the car to open the garage doors, or perhaps just making a run for the front door. In either case, you’re in for a soaking.

Transform your Home with Sectional Garage Doors in Perth
October 30, 2018
Blog 10

Sectional garage doors are all the rage now. Many Perth residents are purchasing new garage doors to upgrade the look of their home.

When you look at any home from the street, one of the biggest areas you’re likely to see is the garage door. In many cases, this door can be half the width of the front of the house – especially those used on large double garages. The garage door, therefore, should be a top priority if you’re looking to make the best impression to your friends and family if they’re coming to visit, and to your neighbours too.

Replace Your Tired Garage Doors with Panel Lift Doors in Melbourne
October 30, 2018
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Have you just moved into a new property where the garage doors haven’t been maintained, and need replacement? Perhaps your garage doors are old and tired looking. Maybe you just feel the need for change, and wish to replace your doors with something more modern. You’re not alone. Many people think about getting better garage doors but are held back by the thought that it might be too expensive, or too much trouble. If you feel that’s the case, then you’d do well talking to a reputable garage door company, such as Tower Garage Doors in Melbourne.

Call Tower Garage Doors for Industrial or Commercial Garage Doors in Melbourne or Perth
October 30, 2018
Blog 9

Tower Garage Doors is your source for any type of garage doors in Perth or Melbourne. We have been serving the Perth and Melbourne areas for almost twenty years.

Industrial Garage Doors in Perth

We offer standard-sized roller doors or roller shutters for industrial use. We can also provide custom industrial garage doors that we make in our Perth or Melbourne manufacturing facilities. We can make them to any required size and to provide whatever look or feel you are trying to portray. They can be very stylish with lots of glass or trim, or industrial-looking and robust to not only provide the desired security but also to provide the appearance of an impenetrable feel. Whether it’s a bank of doors for the delivery of supplies or goods, or for a specially designed loading dock, we can provide and install the industrial garage doors in Perth to fit your needs.

Consider Roller Doors for Your Perth Garage
October 30, 2018
Blog 8

Does your old garage door look like it went ten rounds with a Heavyweight Boxing Champion? Has your family put so many dents and blemishes on that old door by throwing balls at it, leaning things against it and using it as a backstop for all of life’s activities? Has it become a feat of extraordinary strength every time you need to open it?

It’s time for a change. That abused and beaten old garage door is on its last legs. Every time you pull into the driveway and come face to face with that door, you comment to yourself that you need to think about a new one. Many readers are now thinking “How can you come face to face with a garage door, it doesn’t have a face!” However, what they don’t realise is that it does. Those two huge dents up high from your son’s baseball games in the driveway are the eyes. The curved scrape down low from your daughter’s bike makes a strange frown shape. So yes, unfortunately, your garage door does have a face!

Where to Buy Custom Garage Doors in Perth
October 30, 2018
Blog 7

Homeowners recognize that one way to make your home stand out from the rest is with a really unique garage door. Many of us live in a suburban subdivision containing dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of homes. Those homes, while not often the same, are of similar design and style. When the subdivision was built, there was an emphasis on making all of the houses look similar, as the conventional wisdom was that there was a certain calming benefit to congruity.

However, many of us that live in and around Perth want to display our own sense of style and individuality. We don’t want to live in a cookie cutter development where the only defense between our house and the thirty others in the neighborhood are the colours of the shutters! Isn’t that what, George Orwell predicted in the book “1984” back in 1949? And we put up with that?

No Longer!

If You Need Sectional Garage Doors in Melbourne, You Should Call Tower Garage Doors!
October 30, 2018
Blog 6

When you think about it, your garage doors are some of the largest features on your house. You can see them easily from the street by every passing motorist or pedestrian. You may spend a fortune on intricate crown moulding in your home, but not near as many people will see it as see your garage doors. They are largely ignored in the design or renovation plans. When people buy or renovate their house the first thing out of their mouths is rarely “Boy, I can’t wait to buy new garage doors!”

Conversely, when you go to someone’s house that you have never been to before, and you pull in their driveway, if they have a very attractive, stylish set of garage doors, you usually notice immediately. You then make the assumption that every design detail in the house is going to be well thought out. You also assume that they must have spared no expense if they invested in that slammer set of garage doors!

Those “Slammer” garage doors no longer have to cost nearly as much as the car sitting behind them.

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door, and Who to Call for Custom Roller Doors in Perth
October 30, 2018
Blog 5

If you are making a list of renovations that you would like to do on your home, considering adding ‘custom garage door’ to the list. If a garage door is operating soundly and serving its function, it’s easy to take it for granted. However, a high-quality garage door is much more than just a portal through which you can bring your car indoors. On the contrary, it is also a way to protect and insulate your home and a feature that can significantly complement the other design elements of your house.

At Tower Garage Doors, we understand what a beautiful garage door made of top-grade materials can do for a residential property. We pass those benefits on to you in the form of custom garage door designs in Perth. If you are tired of a garage door that looks drab and dull, or that doesn’t ever seem to close completely, give us a call and let us help you find something better.

Selling Your House? Fix That Dented Garage Door with a Repair from Melbourne’s Tower Garage Doors
October 30, 2018
Blog 4

Remember that time a few years ago, when you accidentally backed into your garage door? The mishap may not have left your garage door dysfunctional, but it probably did leave a mark—if not a sizable dent. You’ve lived with that dent for years, but now you are thinking of selling your home and are going through and repairing or replacing all the little flaws or damages that you never fixed. A call to a Melbourne garage door repair company should be high on your to-do list.

The thing with a dented garage door is that, even when it works just fine, it’s still an obvious flaw to the otherwise stunning exterior of your house. Since the outside of your home is the first thing that potential buyers are going to see when they come rolling down your driveway, something like a dent in the garage door could impact their first impression of the property.

Restore Your Garage Door to Good Working Order with a Garage Door Repair in Perth
October 30, 2018
Blog 3

It’s a scenario that happens more frequently than you might think. Perhaps you start your car and prepare to back it out of your garage, only realising too late that you forgot to open the garage door. Or maybe you forgot to put the car in neutral or park when you parked it in the garage, and it ended up rolling back into the door. Perhaps a friend or family member accidentally bumped their car into the outside of the garage door.

Regardless of the exact events, the fact is that accidents happen with garage doors. Unfortunately, these accidents can have drastic consequences, leaving your garage door heavily dented or bent. Sometimes, bumping or crashing into a garage door will even knock it off its track and make it impossible to open. Either way, garage doors damaged in such a fashion are, at best, eyesores. At worst, they are unable to function correctly. In either case, it’s probably time to call for a garage door repair in Perth. The question is, who should you call?