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Consider Roller Doors for Your Perth Garage


Does your old garage door look like it went ten rounds with a Heavyweight Boxing Champion? Has your family put so many dents and blemishes on that old door by throwing balls at it, leaning things against it and using it as a backstop for all of life’s activities? Has it become a feat of extraordinary strength every time you need to open it?

It’s time for a change. That abused and beaten old garage door is on its last legs. Every time you pull into the driveway and come face to face with that door, you comment to yourself that you need to think about a new one. Many readers are now thinking “How can you come face to face with a garage door, it doesn’t have a face!” However, what they don’t realise is that it does. Those two huge dents up high from your son’s baseball games in the driveway are the eyes. The curved scrape down low from your daughter’s bike makes a strange frown shape. So yes, unfortunately, your garage door does have a face!

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Tower Garage Doors Can Provide You with Garage Roller Doors in Perth

The answer to this problem may be garage roller doors. Tower Garage Doors can provide you with a classic steel roller door made and manufactured entirely in Australia. We carry a roller garage door in Perth that is made using Colorbond steel by Bluescope. We offer these doors in the entire line of Colorbond colours.

These garage roller doors contain a continuous curtain design manufactured from roll formed steel. There is rubber webbing on both sides of the steel to prevent metal to metal contact, preventing corrosion and also providing a much smoother and quieter operation than our competitors’ doors. Our roller doors also have an aluminium bottom rail to protect the steel from direct contact with the ground. There is also a weather seal to keep water, draft and debris out of your garage. Cars, bicycles, tools and sports equipment belong in garages. Leaves, wind and puddles of water do not!

There are some advantages associated with garage roller doors. They are generally less expensive than many other types of garage doors. Because of the way the mechanism works and the door rolls up on itself, they are often easier to open than many other types of doors and also do not limit ceiling space in the garage for rails. Unlike flip-out doors or some doors with panels, you can still open them with a vehicle parked very close to the door.

Contact Tower Garage Doors in Perth for roller doors for your garage. Tower Garage Doors has been manufacturing and installing garage doors in Perth since 2001. We are the source for all types of garage doors in the Perth area. Come and see why construction professionals rely on Tower Garage Doors for all of their garage door needs, both residential and commercial. We can provide you with a door that has plenty of personality, but without that annoying face!