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If You Need Sectional Garage Doors in Melbourne, You Should Call Tower Garage Doors!


When you think about it, your garage doors are some of the largest features on your house. You can see them easily from the street by every passing motorist or pedestrian. You may spend a fortune on intricate crown moulding in your home, but not near as many people will see it as see your garage doors. They are largely ignored in the design or renovation plans. When people buy or renovate their house the first thing out of their mouths is rarely “Boy, I can’t wait to buy new garage doors!”

Conversely, when you go to someone’s house that you have never been to before, and you pull in their driveway, if they have a very attractive, stylish set of garage doors, you usually notice immediately. You then make the assumption that every design detail in the house is going to be well thought out. You also assume that they must have spared no expense if they invested in that slammer set of garage doors!

Those “Slammer” garage doors no longer have to cost nearly as much as the car sitting behind them.

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About Tower Garage Doors

Tower Garage Doors in Melbourne have been in business since 2001. We opened our Melbourne manufacturing facility in 2013. We pride ourselves in manufacturing high-quality aluminium custom garage doors. We manufacture and install the doors with the greatest attention to detail, in contemporary or traditional designs, and we make our doors from the most innovative materials available on the market.

All of our staff, from designers to installers, are very experienced and well trained to provide you with the best experience and finished product. We also price our products and services competitively, and we can offer you a wide range of options to fill your needs.

We Offer Sectional Garage Doors in Melbourne

In addition to our custom made aluminium doors, we are also proud to supply and install Colorbond steel sectional garage doors in Melbourne. Made in Australia, these doors are an excellent choice for replacing your old tired out garage door or for new construction.

These doors are very attractive, durable and easy to maintain. These sectional garage doors are available in Melbourne in a variety of styles, and are available in an incredible number of colours and shades, allowing us to match the colour of any home. They are also available in Bluescope’s wood look colours for those looking for that wood door look, without the maintenance and lifespan issues associated with wood. We fit all of these garage doors with an aluminium bottom rail and high-quality weather seal to reduce draft and debris in your garage and home.

No matter what style garage door in Melbourne you are looking for, Tower Garage Doors will have a solution for you. Whether you are looking for those “Slammer” attention grabbing doors or just looking to replace those tired old peeling paint covered wooden garage doors, we can offer you a variety of cost-effective alternatives.